Journey Magazine: “I found myself totally enmeshed in the soothing tones and rich harmonies. Here is the mother I had never known weaving magical spells in songs of love…I wanted her to sing forever.”

Executive Producer of radio show in Seattle: “I have searched and searched for the gentleness of the message she created here. Few others I’ve heard manage to communicate the tenderness without seeming trite and ordinary.”

Clinic director from California: “Every note of this, every word is just love, pure love. If anybody listens and doesn’t get it, it’s because they cannot handle that much love!”

Psychotherapist from St. Louis: “Your music needs to be in every home, like chicken soup!”

Recovery and Beyond Magazine: “When I first heard this, I knew I wanted it for my godson because he is bright and charming and filled with heart. So is this music by Ellen Roos. On the second listen, I realized I needed this tape for myself.”

Meditation Magazine: “If we could all greet the morning with this energy, no one would want to lay in bed….groaning. Tears came to my eyes. I think songs like this help to heal the planet.

Listener from British Columbia: “Your voice…went straight to the place where I live, the heart.”

Hospice worker from Rhode Island: “…the truth of Eternity comes blazing and sparkling forth – every word, every note, every space, every pitch, every tone – all come together as one, the oneness of heaven and earth, the oneness of God and us. This is behind all that you offer…”

Sound Healer and Chant Choir Director: “I thought I would listen to your recordings while I washed dishes, but I was mistaken. The music commanded my attention, not something that was to ring out in the background of my day. I was reduced to a puddle of tears…I was totally engaged in your gift. At peak moments in our lives we get the opportunity to sit in the brilliance of another’s radiance of expression. I am truly blessed today to sit in your brilliance.”

Ken Carey, author: …I was going to mention my favorite song, but when I got right down to it, I’d say that about two-thirds of them are my favorite song!”

Massage Therapist from NC: “…it left me in such a deep prayerful space, I cancelled my afternoon plans and listened to it several times more.”

Mother from Tenn: “ Your CD brings an unexplainable comfort! While listening to it, I felt an awareness of my mistakes, my not so desirable qualities, and at the same time, such a sense of forgiveness for myself and others that it was very calming and peaceful. I could feel your love come out of the songs and wrap me up in its unconditional energy.”