One day, many decades ago, I heard a clear, internal command, “You are to put the highest of your vision into the most accessible forms available to you.” Here was the mandate for my life’s work. My tools have been writing, recording, and performing music, as well as sharing my vision through the spoken and the written word. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to share my music in Japan, India, the former Soviet Union, England, Canada, and all over the US. It’s time now to stay closer to home. So, this website is a space where we can connect. Welcome!

The “Sounds” page is where the music lives: I am nearing the completion of my next album, “Let the Unknown Carry Me.” “Thoughts” is where I can share my vision. If you would like to receive announcements of new music and my occasional writings, please sign up for my mailing list on the “Connect” page.

“Every time I listen to your music I feel Love dissolving the calcium deposits of hurt deep within me, and the residue joins the tears running down my cheeks, and it flows away. And I remember—I know who I truly am.” L, Colorado