Come As You Are is an invitation to be part of the antidote for chaos. It is a call to come Home and stay there—that we may all begin to reveal the beauty, majesty and design that Life intended for us.

..."When first we met

We almost missed like blind children playing in the light

It was a strange Light that brought us both together

We were words apart

One of us spoke of heart, and one of us spoke of mind

Till we touched

And the pieces interlocked and the fingers intertwined"...

Lavender and Morning Sun was created to inspire and caress the whole family. The “Morning Sun” songs are bright and joyful, to enliven even the darkest of days, while the “Lavender” songs tenderly soothe the frantic, stressful places that are seldom touched in our hectic lives.

..."You'll not sail alone, child

You're part of a fleet

Hold steady the rudder

And master the deep

Through the blast and blizzard

You cannot be blown

For God is your captain

And Love is your home"...

Sheet music is available for songs upon request.